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Happy Easter from us here at Badge Beast

We hope your all enjoying your bank holiday weekend, shame the sun hasnt fancied sticking around for a few extra days but i guess we could still be up to knees in snow!! The weather does have a slight Day After Tomorrow feel about it at the minute, Eek! You never know tomorrow could bring Spanish like sun, fingers crossed.

The Beast office will still be in business serving your button badge needs as well as debuting a few new designs. You will see this weekend our Keep Calm range will expand with some ace new takes on this best seller including my favorite Keep Calm and Kill Zombies. We've enjoyed a 30minute laugh fest at Keep Calm an Whack it, hehehe!! A massive dose of South Park while working helps us create these gems :) We will also be busy getting out orders and cracking on with new designs but we will find time to sit back with a big brew a giant bag of mini eggs an watch Back to the Future (of course all 3).

So eat chocolate til you vom an watch every feel good film you can, enjoy yourselves badge fans and HAPPY EASTER!!!

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