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Crash, Bang Wallop What A Film!!!

We've just crashed back to reality here in the beast office after witnessing a visual treat in the form of the new movie : Avengers Assemble. I'm sure many of you have seen said treat and will agree that its awesome!!! The first big blockbuster of the year certainly lived up to expectation.

Unless you've been living inside a Russian doll for the last 20 years or more I'm guessing you know the story, t brings together the characters from the Marvel Studio releases Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America, as well as a whole host of great integral Marvel characters.

We love films with a passion here at BadgeBeast and find inspiration from geeking out on films to create our film button badges.

The first installment was the first Iron Man movie back in 2008 starring Robert Downey Jr and since then an Avengers movie has been highly anticipated. For the massive Marvel fan boys out there the wait for this film goes even further back. But whether your a full time Marvel geek or just interested in the other films of the series you will not be disappointed, i myself sat there for 2 an half hours gob smacked and could have easily watched it again once it had finished.

That said i am no doubt gonna spend the next few weeks watching all the previous movies and anything to do with superheros. Except maybe Ben Afflecks Daredevil and that awful Cat Woman movie. Also throw Elektra in there!!

While i am not geeking out i will be coming up with designs for a new Comic Book Button Badges category here at Badge Beast that will include comic book / superhero inspired images. So you can feel super when cracking open a beer with our badge bottle openers or look mega man cool sporting the said images on our badge range. We will be sure to keep you up to date as an when these come together. So i best get on it, BADGE BEAST ASSEMBLE!!!!!

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